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Princess Punt 2

Size:27.51 MB OS:Android Updated:2012-11-29

Category: Games

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TAG: 2 Princess Punt

Princess Punt 2 description
★!! ★ Tobase kick the "soldiers" puppet "Princess" 
crazy kick kick kick than previous work!
Plus the element "RPG" and "Puzzle" 
the culmination of "Action Puzzle RPG"!
2.2 million app downloads smash hit 
"Sweets Princess Keri," the latest in a series Princess Keri
★!! ★ Tobase kick the "soldiers" puppet "Princess" 
crazy kick kick kick than previous work!
Satisfied with simple operation "touch! MAX of fun! " 
Battle Fierce heat further with the introduction "Suites" System!
body app ▼: Free      
one ※ There is a pay item unit.
fun game play! ▼'re just touching 
▼ game rules profound! though! straightforward 
character who raised ▼ great activity to their liking!
[Game] Description 
Stage Clear! should annihilate the monsters ▼ 
Let Tobaso the "soldiers" puppet "Princess" ① 
'll kick your fingers pull and release the princess →!
Damage! Change depending on where you hit the attack ② 
apply well to the great damage and weakness →!
1 tap strategic ③! 
→ While the soldiers are flying when you "tap the screen" 
I'm going to invoke a variety of skills depending on the weapon!
▼ Power up with a variety of weapons! 
Reservoir or the experience to arms, or to change with new weapons 
will grow more and more characters!
▼ raise a distinctive character! 
This time I can train all characters! 
※ The previous type of character more than "twice"!
The purpose of this adventure is ▼ "Sweets! " 
(handsome manager of the shop) and 
I can achieve the purpose Princess Keri! ? 
And (selfish) The Adventures of The Princess Keri soldiers 
do go on?
※ Please note earnestly addicted to Princess Keri. 
[] Other games GungHo
★ ★ Grow monster puzzle adventure 
"Puzzle & Dragons (Pazudora)"
★ ★ unification operation 20 seconds once 
added "trigger" Sengoku
★ ★ Let's make squid tower was the best in the world 
"Crazy Tower"

Princess Punt 2 download

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★!! ★ Tobase kick the soldiers puppet Princess crazy kick kick kick than previous work! Plus the element RPG and Puzzle the culmination of Action,Princess Punt 2 free download center.
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