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Size:18.30 MB    OS:Android    Updated:2012-06-05

Category:  Other software



TAG: Moborobo

Moborobo description
Moborobo 2.0, the All-in-one Android Smartphone PC manager. Moborobo 2.0 is the combination of Android sync software and the Android resource download market (applications, games, wallpapers, and themes). Moborobo 2.0 offers users everything they need for their mobile devices: applications, games, launchers, themes, wallpapers, and the ability to manage & backup their personal information. 
Moborobo 2.0 allows users to:
Transfer data between Android & IOS systems – Moborobo 2.0 offers you easy and seamless data transfer between IOS and Android systems, allowing you to sync your contacts list and SMSmessages between these two platforms.
Manage contact data 
Moborobo 2.0 gives you a powerful manager to help you sort, find, organize and backup your contact data, such as your contact list as well as your SMS messages. You can create groups for your contacts and import/export them between your pc and your device! You will never have to worry about losing important contact information again!
Download, install, and update games & applications
Moborobo 2.0 comes with a powerful built-in application market with some of the most well-known Android application download sites linked in and advanced application management features, allowing you to download, install, update, and uninstall applications and games on your Android devices with a single click! With a well designed Top downloads list along with a recommendation section, you will always find something new on Moborobo! Also, Moborobo 2.0 gives you more control of your applications, with the ability to select the location of installation and the ability to install and uninstall applications and export the .apk package for data backups.
Wallpaper & theme downloads
Moborobo 2.0 empowers you to customize your devices by giving you a wide range of downloadable wallpapers and the choice to install "Mobo Launcher", a unique Android home desktop replacement application. It enables you to add themes to your launcher, customize your icons, dock, as well as scrolling and transition effects, to create and customize a phone with your own unique designs in mind! 
Multi-media file sync and manager 
Moborobo 2.0 allows you to sync music, videos and images between your device and PC with complete transparency by using the file manager tag. More advanced features, such as editing music playlists, setting ringtones, changing wallpaper, and editing images can be found in the "Tune" and "Image" tag. 
Send and receive messages from your PC
With Moborobo 2.0, you can send, receive and organize your SMS messages from your PC, without ever touching your device! It also enables you to send group messages, as well as back-up those important and interesting conversations!
Multiple connection methods 
Moborobo 2.0 supports two connection methods, USB connection and Wi-Fi connection, giving you more freedom to manage your device, even if you don't have your USB cable with you!

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Moborobo 2.0, the All-in-one Android Smartphone PC manager. Moborobo 2.0 is the combination of Android sync software and the Android resource download,Moborobo free download center.
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